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Our challenges & opportunities: Redefining organizational value.

The historic challenges confronting the healthcare industry are decidedly collective in nature. An unprecedented shift from payment models based on volume to those centered on outcomes deeply affects consumers, governments, industry experts and other stakeholders as well as leaders and practitioners within every sector of the healthcare industry across every region of the world. The impacts of this transformation – combined with aging populations; soaring costs; stunning data, analytics and medical technology advancements; growing consolidation among payers and providers; increasing coordination of care; deepening public-private partnerships; and global healthcare reform efforts – are fracturing foundational assumptions, mindsets and strategies throughout the industry. These interdependent disruptions pose complex threats; they also present valuable opportunities for organizations that can pinpoint where, among these converging pressures, they can redefine their value and deliver the greatest impact. The success of these strategies pivots on execution. Ninety percent of execution hinges on having the right organizational structures and the right people in place.

Business-focused strategy execution.

Organizations contend with new and converging challenges and opportunities, including value-based care, innovative joint ventures, population-based health initiatives, patient-centric healthcare, healthcare information technology implementations and post-merger integration issues. Our solutions focus squarely on strategy enablement as it relates to specific business issues.

Our solutions are developed by bundling select capabilities and expertise within Korn Ferry Health’s complete set of offerings. From an organizational perspective, our offerings encompass strategy execution and organizational design; talent strategy and work design; and rewards and benefits. From a people perspective, our offerings cover assessment and succession; executive search and recruitment; and leadership development.


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