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Physician Alignment Solutions

Embrace enterprisewide alignment.

Health systems are striving to achieve hospital/physician alignment in response to growing margin and competitive pressures, valuable innovation opportunities, and dramatically different payment models. Alignment initiatives too rarely stick, however. This is the case, in part, because hospitals have traditionally treated physician alignment in isolation. Financial, contractual, clinical, technological and clinical alignment programs are executed discretely rather than in a comprehensive, enterprise-wide manner. In some cases, localized alignment initiatives that achieve a desired outcome (e.g., operational efficiency) are marred by unintended consequences (e.g., undermining clinical quality).

People and organizational excellence sustains successful alignment.

This lack of alignment “stickiness” also reflects the inherently human nature of the millions of decisions, relationships, conversation and behaviors necessary to enable successful and sustainable hospital/physician alignment. Structure alone does not drive alignment. Korn Ferry Health has the experience, tools and capabilities to address the fundamental organizational and talent barriers to achieving hospital/physician alignment. Our science, experience and healthcare expertise help you identify what leaders and teams are best suited to address the millions of messy details that drive – and sustain -- the success of enterprisewide hospital/physician alignment.


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