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Value-Based Care Solutions

Value-based care requires more than a program.

New payment models, intensifying competition and margin pressures, and a rapidly growing need for major patient experience upgrades are driving health systems and hospitals to embrace value-based care. This sector-wide shift from fee-for-service to pay-for-value qualifies as a genuine transformation. These endeavors involve multitudes of enabling components and require much more than a programmatic approach fixed on structural integration. Most healthcare providers have invested in discreet value-based care initiatives whose links to system-wide strategy and mission are not necessarily clear; these head-down efforts call out for a bigger-picture, more strategic perspective.

The big picture: Sustainable success through organizational and people excellence.

Successful value-based care transformations start with a value-based care strategy that establishes the organizational and people excellence and enablers required to foster a patient-centric culture. These organizational cultures focus on innovation, operational and financial sustainability, long-term value-creation, and collaboration among all stakeholders. Korn Ferry Health’s value-based care solutions help you align your structure, governance and operating models; achieve the functional alignment required to get the right people into the right roles; and align your reward systems with your strategy. Our capabilities also equip you with an understanding of what talent is needed in current and future roles; competitive advantage in recruiting, engaging, empowering and retaining the right talent; and the ability to identify and develop leaders who can plan, drive and sustain your value-based care transformation.


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