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Unparalled transformation requires

unprecedented leaders.


Korn Ferry’s Communications Sector provides the expertise you need worldwide, with teams in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, to hire and develop leaders who know not only how to steadily respond to a fiercely competitive environment, but also how to reposition you as a key player in a fast changing industry. We offer a full suite of solutions from strategic search and engaging high-potential leadership development programs to one-on-one executive coaching, strategic talent design, and succession planning.

Leaders who leverage change drive growth.

The communications services industry is undergoing profound change as a result of radical opportunities afforded by new technology, which in turn have revolutionized consumer and business-to-business interactions, business models, and profitability. Convergence between technology providers and content organizations is blurring traditional industry lines, creating new revenue opportunities and new competitors. These upheavals are testing the talents of business leaders; both large established firms and growth players need executives with learning agility and the ability to deal with ambiguity and an evolving field of play.

Global presence with local expertise.

Korn Ferry is strategically positioned around the world to meet the talent needs of our communications services clients. Our experienced consultants work globally with leading and emerging companies to help them find new leaders and to identify leader potential, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energize transitions. We are the only firm that can help identify internal and external talent while simultaneously developing these leaders through engaging, proven solutions that meet and exceed expectations. We are uniquely qualified to help attract, develop, and retain the best leaders to drive the ambitions of their organization.



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