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Proven talent is good.

Rising stars are better.

Systems & Devices

Korn Ferry’s global Systems and Devices Sector focuses on helping companies attract, develop, and retain best-in-class leaders. We understand the shifting needs for brilliant technical talent as well as the importance of making sure your business has the right people to lead it through change. We offer a full range of solutions designed to meet systems and devices talent needs — from strategic search services, competency-based assessments, and engaging, interactive high-potential leadership development programs to one-on-one coaching, strategic talent design, and succession planning.

Proven talent is good. Rising stars are better.

With a small, shrinking talent pool of global leaders that possess coveted, deep functional experience, many systems and devices firms compete for the same talent, and place even bigger bets on their success. Proven leaders are essential; yet, accurately identifying and accelerating the development of high-potential “rising stars” may be a more effective investment. Leaders develop within your company, drive its growth, and are ready to lead as markets shift due to innovation and rapid product cycles. In addition, these “homegrown” leaders help ensure your company’s intellectual property and most valuable assets remain internal.

For the greatest return on talent, invest in potential.

Korn Ferry is strategically positioned to meet the talent needs of systems and devices companies. Our experienced consultants have worked with the world’s leading companies to help them identify their leaders’ potential, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energize transitions. We are the only firm that can help you identify internal and external talent while simultaneously developing these leaders through engaging, proven solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Whether you are a start-up, a growing sector leader, or a global technology enterprise, your ability to attract, develop, and retain the best leaders is critical to long-term success.

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