Forte from Korn Ferry is an innovative career development tool. Designed with both employees and their managers in mind, it enables people to engage with and take control of their development, anytime, anywhere.

Forte offers simple and effective access to Korn Ferry IP and the opportunity for employees to create personalized and highly effective career development plans.

Its features have been designed to support development and engagement in a number of key areas:

Building self-awareness

The more individuals understand about themselves, the better able they are to develop. Forte includes a survey for assessing each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots and a success profile for rating competencies specific to their position. Case studies, coaching, and insights are also included to help educate both employee and manager.

Rating performance

Self-rating is never as effective as rating by a manager. Forte enables managers to rate employee competencies and to identify blind spots and hidden strengths. It also provides guidance on giving and receiving feedback.

Achieving alignment between employee and manager

Through Forte, employees and managers are able to reach agreement on development needs and on which of more than 150 practical activities are the most relevant. This leads to development that is both employee driven and manager aligned.

Bringing the personal development journey to life

As well as enabling employees to personalize their career development plans, Forte provides many opportunities for sharing, collaboration, and feedback.   |

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