Four Dimensional Executive Assessment

Korn Ferry’s Four Dimensional Assessment is the future of recruitment.

This breakthrough tool captures, synthesizes, and visualizes unparalleled candidate insight and delivers it to you in real time on any computer or tablet. Whereas most assessments only provide a partial view of a person, the Korn Ferry 4D Executive Assessment provides the most holistic perspective on the market today covering the individual’s competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, as well as the experiences that are aligned to the role.

Thanks to the Korn Ferry 4D Executive Assessment, the recruitment experience—for you and your candidates—is now smarter, more engaging and easier to manage than ever before.

  • World-leading: This is Korn Ferry’s most credible tool yet for evaluating talent.
  • Powerful: It puts an incredible range of Korn Ferry expertise at your fingertips and gives you unprecedented levels of control over the assessment process.
  • Convenient: Korn Ferry’s 4D Assessment works on any device and offers all the real-time functionality and convenience of an app.
  • Validated: Predictions are made based on years of research and the results of over 2.5 million assessments.
  • Sophisticated: Rich visual representations of assessment results offer you the industry’s deepest insights into every candidate.

Internal and external dimensions

The Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Executive Assessment observes four different dimensions that can reveal a lot about an individual’s fit at your organization. Of these four dimensions, two describe what a person does, and two describe who they are. All four of these dimensions interact with each other to help define the whole person. When they are assessed together as a whole, they provide a rich view of an individual’s capacity. This provides your organization with helpful insight as you determine which people best fit within your senior leadership positions.


  • The first two dimensions KF4D observes are competencies and experiences. Competencies include the abilities, skills, and behaviors that a candidate will need to succeed, while experiences are assignments and positions that prepare candidates for future opportunities.


    Competencies - Competencies are the observable skills and behaviors that a candidate will need in order to succeed in their position—a snapshot of the measurable skills the candidate demonstrates. Using decades worth of data, as well as key business requirements, Korn Ferry’s executive assessment has identified the crucial competencies that most correlate with superior leadership by level.


    Experiences - A candidate’s career history makes up the bulk of his or her Experiences. These are a measurement of the opportunities the candidate has endured, and the things he or she has been able to learn through direct experience. These experiences are among the factors that can set apart one executive from another.

  • While Competencies and Experiences can indicate what an individual can do, Traits and Drivers provide a deeper insight into who they are. These are the internal qualities a person has, such as personality traits and personal motivations.


    Traits - Traits represent a person’s intellectual and emotional qualities. While they reflect who a candidate is, they are not necessarily permanent. Just as with their external skills, candidates can work to develop and strengthen their internal traits. As individuals perform new assignments, meet new people, and engage in leadership development opportunities, their added knowledge and experience can create personal change, new perspectives, and a shift in mindset over time.


    Drivers - Drivers are an individual’s deep motivations. Personal values, aspirations, and other desires are what drive individuals to achieve in their lives. These Drivers are a crucial part of determining how well a prospect will fit within the company culture, how seriously they will engage with the business, and how long they are likely to remain with an organization. Drivers also have the strongest ability to bring change across the other three dimensions. An employee with the proper drive can work to improve themselves across all three dimensions, whereas an employee who lacks drive may let strengths atrophy.

  • Korn Ferry’s Four Dimensional Executive Assessment has been refined over decades of research and experience. We continue to refine it with every assessment we administer. With KF4D, organizations can take a comprehensive view of every candidate and use the results to determine if and where each candidate would fit within the company. The Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Executive Assessment follows a five-step process:


    Step 1: Job Profile - First, you will need to define the job profile, which includes laying out the requirements of the position. During this stage, pay particular attention to mission critical skills, the characteristics a candidate will need to succeed in the position, and the most important cultural attributes of the company. The executive assessment will combine your input with the data Korn Ferry has gathered from the best-in-class performers across every industry, role, and job level to give you a thorough profile of the position. Each candidate will then be measured against this benchmark.


    Step 2: Executive Exercises - When you have narrowed down applicants to form your shortlist, the remaining candidates will be invited to take part in several executive exercises. As they complete each exercise, KF4D will capture information from each individual on all four dimensions—competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers.


    Step 3: Executive Report - When candidates complete the assessment, they will be offered an executive report that highlights their strengths.


    Step 4: Candidate Report - Your recruitment team will have access to a candidate report with the full results for each individual. The candidate report is interactive, allowing you to compare the results of different candidates to the best-in-class results, as well as to each other, to help you decide on the best match for the position.


    Step 5: Interview Guide - Once a candidate’s results are in, KF4D provides a behavioral interview guide, which includes questions that are specifically tailored to each candidate. These questions will help you to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses the candidates have demonstrated throughout the assessment.



The Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Executive Assessment is customizable to meet your organization’s particular needs. It is a robust tool to help you to find not only the best candidates overall, but the best matches for your organization’s particular needs.