Big Data analytics are increasingly becoming a critical component of companies’ go-to-market strategies — data solutions are already revolutionizing targeted marketing, customer retention, and other customer-centric services. Ready access to mega data centers and the capability to leverage the power of cloud computing has leveled the playing field for companies large and small. The differentiator has become who has the talent with the demonstrated ability to drive new business initiatives and link enterprise data knowledge to corporate strategy. These leaders must be forward-thinking, strategic, learning agile, and highly adept at managing change.

Korn Ferry’s Cloud Sector leads the industry in helping companies attract, develop, and engage cloud computing and Big Data analytics professionals. We help them find proven experts who understand technology, and know how to efficiently implement cloud-based solutions to guide business decisions and accelerate business strategies. And we help them design their organization - the structure, roles and responsibilities - to seize opportunities, harness the power of the cloud, and position their organizations at the forefront of the Big Data revolution.




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