Korn Ferry Perform

Empower your people with Korn Ferry Perform. Combining best-in-class Success Profiles with the power of the Salesforce platform, our talent development and career mobility app gives your employees control over their own career growth—and a clear reason to build their careers with you rather than the competition.


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Future-proof your organization with a holistic talent development program

Our research shows that firms who engage and enable their employees achieve up to 4.5 times more revenue growth than companies that don’t. Use Korn Ferry Perform to engage critical talent segments, help people to understand their development options, and empower individuals to drive their career journey within your organization.

Personalized talent development – anytime, anywhere

Provide your employees with the personalized career development journeys they have grown to expect. Korn Ferry Perform offers individuals an on-demand mobile experience that caters to their unique career interests and development requirements.

Improve performance through continuous learning

Korn Ferry Perform matches employees to real-life projects and experiences, and provides them with opportunities to apply their skills. It also helps you drive performance at all levels by strengthening alignment between organizational strategy and employee goals.

Provide growth opportunities for all

Korn Ferry Perform enables all your employees to chart their career progression, review career path options, evaluate current competency levels, and close skill gaps through the creation of career development plans. It helps you hold onto the talent you need by creating growth opportunities for everyone in the organization – not just the chosen few.

Employee development in action with Korn Ferry Perform

Korn Ferry Perform is powered by our market-leading Success Profiles, which define what “good” looks like in any given role, and identify the skills, experiences, competencies, and traits needed for success. Through Korn Ferry Perform, your employees can:

  • Benchmark their strengths and development areas against the Success Profile for their current role, allowing them to create an individualized development plan to achieve their goals.
  • Compare themselves with the Success Profiles of roles that are their next step within your organization’s career framework and help them visualize their career path development.
  • Search for other roles within the organization that fit their core strengths.
  • Build a personalized career development plan for their current role, next role, and overall career within your organization.    
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