Corporate Boards today are required to navigate an ever-increasing number of challenges, pressures, and requirements. They operate in a rapidly expanding corporate governance environment, which demands internal practices that are effective, competitive and compliant. They face heightened shareholder scrutiny on executive compensation, which requires boards to develop pay programs that align effectively with performance. And they have the increasingly difficult task of balancing the tenuous but critical relationships between directors, executives, shareholders, proxy advisors, and other external stakeholders.

We help Boards gain a full understanding of all governance issues and provide them with high-quality predictive guidance. This helps organizations make smart, better-informed decisions that avoid unexpected outcomes. We have an expert team that is also dedicated to solving technical compliance and governance-related issues, smoothly streamlining and implementing effective practices and processes.

Specific issues we help our clients to address include:

  • Proxy and CD&A disclosures
  • Say-on-pay strategy development
  • Pay-for-performance modeling
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Institutional investor analysis
  • Technical regulatory compliance
  • Share request modeling
  • Equity plan drafting
  • Board governance
  • Governance policy audits
  • Litigation support and remediation strategies


  • Our people are proven. Our experts combine deep knowledge and technical expertise with extensive practical experience in governance matters. Individual team members frequently speak and publish on executive compensation and governance topics.
  • Our solutions are flexible and scalable. We build flexible, catered solutions for organizations around the world, spanning industries and ranging in size from small private firms to multibillion dollar public companies.
  • We are independent and objective. We are able to offer independent analysis and advice on board and governance related issues, avoiding ethical implications or conflicts of interest.




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