Delivering Through Others: Front-line Leader

Embed leadership values and competencies in your employees, right from the beginning, to drive performance

What happens if the talent directly responsible for getting work done, day in and day out, feels undervalued and undersupported? What happens to your business results when front-line talent craves—but doesn’t receive—development opportunities that emphasize skills and tools such as building trust under pressure, motivating employees, giving needs-based feedback, and more?

Representing around 80% of an organization’s leadership bench, front-line leaders have a significant impact on employee retention, customer satisfaction, and more. Despite their impact, this group often receives less attention than their role deserves: only 20 to 30% of leadership-development efforts focus on them. The failure to offer professional development has lasting ramifications: 71% of Millennials and Gen Z employees will leave an organization within five years if their professional development isn’t supported.

We tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change

Our Integrated Solutions

Our solution

Designed for front-line managers and individual contributors, the professional development ingrained into our integrated solution sets employees up to realign and refocus people during constant change and fulfills the development needs of your company’s vital younger generation.

Our solution is a scalable approach that delivers a seamless employee development experience that leads to sustained change. With our approach, you’ll diagnose and close any leadership skills gaps, preparing the next generation of your leaders to lead others.

Discover Our Integrated Solution

How our integrated solutions work

Our development journeys concentrate on the unique skills and tools needed for front-line leader roles within your organization, delivered at scale.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Drive front line leadership performance across the organization efficiently and scalably.
  • Provide content that helps your front-line leaders become better coaches, develop their people, improve engagement, and reduce turnover.
  • Enhance the ROI of leadership-development activities through more focused targeting and stronger follow through.
  • Foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement through a personalized approach, encouraging individuals to manage their long-term personal and career development.


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See more benefits