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Our RPO technology platforms and capabilities

We have a large array of recruitment tools and technology at our disposal, from mobile recruiting and video interviewing tools to schedulers, reference checkers, and applicant tracking systems. Our teams excel in being able to select the most appropriate recuitment process outsourcing solution for each assignment, situation and candidate group.

Applicant tracking system

We have a highly effective applicant tracking system which can be integrated with any organization’s recruitment processes. The system is multitenant so it can be rapidly deployed for projects or full RPO engagements and it is multilingual so it works globally as well as locally (wherever locally might be).

Mobile technology

Mobile technology, if properly used, can greatly enhance the candidate experience. Depending on the level and profile of your target candidates, we might look to use it in one of two different ways: first, to enable candidates to apply for a position via their phones; and, second, as a tool for managing the candidate relationship throughout the recruitment process. Our mobile technology solutions work globally and feature elements of gamification.


Foresight is Futurestep’s global decision support system that provides clients and delivery teams a unique view into the critical operating metrics needed to ensure our mutual success. Data from a client’s talent management platforms – including recruitment marketing, ATS, CRM, customer satisfaction and HRIS performance management metrics –are pushed directly through to Foresight’s clear graphical dashboard.


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Video interviewing

Video interviewing can be a highly effective way of automating the recruitment process and reducing travel costs, as long as it is used properly. The key is to reserve it for those situations where it can enhance the candidate experience rather than getting in the way. It is also needs to be flexible: our digital tool offers a wide range of options for video interviewing, including live, asynchronous recorded, audio-only and audio-visual.

Scheduling tool

Our automated scheduling tool makes it much easier to organize job interviews, saving your hiring managers a lot of hassle and enhancing the candidate experience at the same time. The tool works by securely displaying recruiter and hiring manager schedules and inviting candidates to schedule their interviews in an available window. Candidates can do this online and at their own convenience.

Job posting aggregator

Advertising for positions used to be a time-consuming and onerous task. Our job posting aggregator does it automatically, releasing jobs with total accuracy to paid, free and diversity-driven boards. We use it to increase candidate traffic and ensure compliance, while at the same time saving time and reducing costs.

Reference checker

Through our electronic reference-checking tool, we are able to automatically eliminate impartial candidate references. This streamlines the recruitment process and increases the chances of a successful hire.

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