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Go-To-Market Strategy

The effectiveness of any sales organization depends on its ability to drive company strategy. As organizations grow, however, this ability can become impaired, with many struggling to convert their priorities into effective sales strategies and action plans.

We help sales organizations build go-to-market strategies that enable them to reach their customers as effectively as possible and help them achieve profitable growth.

Our go-to-market strategy approach

We approach building an effective go-to-market strategy from a complete sales management perspective, working closely with each client to ensure the solutions we develop are consistent with their business strategy and objectives.

The process typically involves us analyzing market opportunity and market segments, as well as the company’s current products and potential future offerings. We then use the results of those analyses to provide detailed recommendations that can be used to inform sales strategies and channel selection criteria.

Our aim is to help your sales organization find answers to key questions such as:

  • What are the needs and buying patterns of the customer population?
  • Are there any current product gaps or areas where new products should be developed?
  • How should customers be segmented and targeted?
  • How should products be positioned, priced and promoted to each segment?
  • What sales strategies will most effectively serve current and potential customers?

Why choose Korn Ferry?

Our consultants are experts in marketing and sales management excellence, and are experienced in helping sales organizations across many different industries dramatically improve their performance.

Using proven tools and methodologies, they can help you arrive at the key ingredients you need to develop an effective go-to-market strategy, including:

  • Deep insight into how the marketing strategy and product or service offering translate into potential sales from current and future customers.
  • An actionable sales strategy that communicates sales force priorities for each business unit, sale channel, and job resource.
  • A plan for revenue growth that includes acquiring new prospects as well as retaining existing streams and increasing customer spend.
  • Targeted value propositions for the addressable market that are matched with a complete offering and a compelling sales message.


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