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The Korn Ferry U.S. Government Consulting Services team provides the Federal Government our full suite of Korn Ferry intellectual property, research and services. These offerings include executive recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, strategy execution & organizational design, talent strategy, leadership development, assessment & succession management, total rewards and benefits.

Executive Search - We integrate scientific research with practical experience and industry-specific expertise to identify senior-level executives and high impact talent across all sectors and functions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - We provide flexible and scalable talent acquisition solutions that deliver organizational impact while simultaneously reducing cost and time to hire.

Strategy Execution - We bring clarity to complex challenges, drawing on world-class science and 70 years of experience to help you understand, at the deepest level, what drives change in your organization. Our team will support you to implement on our advice to enable you to release the full power and potential of your people behind your mission goals.

Leadership Development – We take the guesswork out of leadership development, creating solutions that are highly relevant for leaders and organizations. Whether it’s by level or by specialty topic, we ensure that our leadership development it programs and services support your talent and mission strategy.

Assessment & Succession - We know that success depends on having the right people in the right roles, at the right time. The best organizations make sure they’re clear not only on how their people perform, but also on their potential, unique traits, and what motivates and drives them. We empower our clients to accurately identify talent with a whole-person view, match the best people to suitable roles, and develop future leaders to ensure they are ready, when and where needed.

Total Rewards - We offer a total rewards approach, looking at, not just compensation and benefits, but non-financial rewards such as providing interesting and meaningful work, an energizing work climate, career development and recognition.

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