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The Korn Ferry Insider

The The Korn Ferry Insider is a series of articles synthesizing Korn Ferry consultants’ most pertinent advice for successfully navigating the crucial stages of an executive search.

The proliferation of professional networking sites promising to improve recruitment is changing the game and raising new questions for those looking to hire executives as efficiently as possible. Since 1969, Korn Ferry has continuously embraced science, technology and networks within our executive search processes to find and place the world’s top executives with increasing levels of precision. Amidst the rapid pace of change, we have never lost sight of our founding belief that an intimate knowledge of the issues and key players in any market is essential to finding the very best leaders for our clients.

In this series of four articles, Korn Ferry consultants share a few of the techniques that they believe give them the edge. When applied consistently, these simple yet effective practices improve outcomes while sourcing talent, assessing the short list, managing negotiations, and onboarding new executives.

We invite you to adopt these ideas to immediately enhance your recruitment performance.

The Korn Ferry Insider: Making the First Move

The first of this series, Making the First Move, gives advice on:

  • Building a comprehensive and diverse candidate pool
  • Ensuring a positive response when making contact for the first time
  • Using social media effectively, and knowing its limitations
  • Maximizing any first meeting 
The Korn Ferry Insider: Issue 2

The second in the series Shattering the interview illusion, gives advice on:

  • Setting the stage for a great interview
  • Interviewing like a biographer
  • Getting beyond a CV
  • Effective reference checking
  • Cultivating long-term relationships with potential candidates

The Korn Ferry Insider Issue 3: Sealing the deal


The third piece in the series, Sealing the deal, gives advice on how to ensure your ideal candidate formally commits to the role for which they have been identified.

The Korn Ferry Insider Issue 4

This fourth and final in the series, The early days: Ensure success for your new hires, gives insights on how to effectively engage those with a stake in this new hire’s success to put them on a fast track to high performance.