Executive Snapshot
Executive Snapshot

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Hay Reference Level

Korn Ferry Hay Group Reference Level

Based on over 70 years of Korn Ferry Hay Group’s world-leading job evaluation methodology, the Executive Snapshot report provides a Hay Reference Level for each Search engagement based on the role’s unique level and requirements.

A Hay Reference Level is a globally consistent grade structure which allows all organizations to compare the "size" of their roles. The higher the number, the "bigger" (more senior) the role. Reference levels take several variables into account, including the particular accountabilities and challenges of the position, and the characteristics of the company (size, industry, product diversity, geographic reach etc.).

Our job evaluation methodology is the most widely used in the world. We’ve analyzed work for tens of thousands of organizations – everything from niche fund managers to government agencies. Clients like our methodology, not only because it is so tried and tested, but also because it’s 3-dimensional, can be easily customized, and connects to our pay databases, which are the biggest in the world. We combine all this experience and IP with a practical, business-focused and insightful approach.

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