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Building strategic HR.

HR Effectiveness

As an increasing number of executives are citing human capital as their biggest challenge to driving organizational performance, HR is being thrown into the spotlight.

However, a general consensus persists among business leaders that the HR profession has so far fallen short of making a real impact. So how can HR really make a difference?

Six requirements for building strategic HR.

We help HR align to business strategy and then develop robust workforce plans to drive performance through their people.

We focus on six requirements for building strategic HR.

Six Requirements for Building Strategic HR


Why Korn Ferry Hay Group?

  • We know HR. At Korn Ferry our core focus is releasing the power and potential of people. And working with HR is our daily business. We regularly conduct research into the priorities and challenges facing HR professionals in today’s business world.
  • We are global yet local. We understand how important it is to balance the advantages of global scale with the benefits of local market sensitivity and our global presence reflects this. We have proven international project management credentials through numerous large scale, global projects that cross boundaries and business units.
  • Unparalleled data and analytics. Our advice is underpinned by the richest and most comprehensive global databases and we have world-class workforce analytics based on decades of job and workforce research. We have analyzed and assessed workforces in every major industry and sector.
  • Business impact. Because we develop solutions from a business results perspective, we are able to make tangible links that demonstrate value through meaningful measures such as cost, time, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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