Flatlining economic growth rates are distressing governments and companies alike. From their different perspectives, they are asking the same question: how can we create growth where there appears to be none? Is there a combination of inventiveness, courage, wisdom, and skills that can accomplish that?

Korn Ferry is constructing a new framework to answer this question, leveraging its depth of research into the competencies, approaches, and personal attributes of best-in-class business leaders.

This new way of conceptualizing the aggregate “smart growth capacity” of companies is explained by Indranil Roy, the Managing Director, Asia Pacific, for Leadership and Talent Consulting, in the latest white paper from the Korn Ferry Institute, “Smart Growth: is Asia ready?”

In Asia, a generation of business leaders grew up in an era of “easy growth,” when economies boomed and businesses just needed to follow the money. But today’s comparatively stagnant markets demand a critical mass of “smart growth” leaders—those who have high levels of leadership maturity and Learning Agility—to keep the top line elevated. It is a major shift in mindset: growth doesn’t emerge from markets, but from the collective capacity of business leaders.

Click here for the Japanese version of the white-paper.

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