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Connected... Always

Given the express purpose of vacation is to unplug and unwind, many corporate types struggle to master the art of relaxing. Lucky—or unlucky—for them, these gadgets are making it easier than ever to stay connected while out of the office.

Whether backpacking, sailing or traveling internationally, goTenna (two for $199) allows smartphone users to text and share GPS locations in areas where there’s no cell coverage or Wi-Fi. The compact, lightweight and portable antenna connects to any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth-LE and comes with flash memory for hundreds of messages. What could be better: Range is limited to four miles when interference is minimal, and goTenna connects only with other goTennas in range. Time to buddy up!

As many tech companies feign a sense of fashion, style-conscious gadget-lovers waited eagerly for the first smartwatch to be delivered by a luxury watchmaker. The TAG Heuer Connected watch ($1,500) combines looks and smarts, allowing wearers to receive app notifications, answer phone calls and track fitness with Bluetooth connectivity that means hands-free access to much of your phone’s functionality. Possible drawbacks: Because it’s an Android Wear device, users with iOS gadgets have limited capabilities. You’ll also have to ask yourself whether you can justify the luxury timepiece price tag (albeit at the lower end) given the expected lifespan of a smartwatch.

A dead cell phone is the bane of any highly networked individual’s existence. Portable phone chargers abound, but the Linearflux LithiumCard Pro ($69.99) provides three amps of power to fully charge any Android or iOS device faster than many other models on the market. The slim and ultralight design features a USB and a mini-USB port to allow simultaneous charging of multiple devices and the ability to back up data. The downside of the upside: Coming in at just over three ounces, the LithiumCard Pro can go anywhere, but its petite frame means you’ll get only one charge before the card itself needs to be recharged.

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