As 2018 closes, there are around 7 million open jobs in the United States, levels unseen in American history. Workers certainly have more choices, but all too often they can’t find the role they want.

In this Essentials list, we highlight the year’s best career advice from Korn Ferry’s CEO, Gary Burnison. If you want even more insights, read his latest book on the subject, Lose the Resume, Land the Job.

The No. 1 Way to Waste Time in a Job Search

How candidates can avoid getting ignored and land the jobs they want.

10 Things That Will Sabotage a Job Interview

Don’t ramble, be rude to the receptionist, or bring your mother (yes, it really happened).

Turning Job Interview Obstacles into Opportunities

Being authentic and making a connection with an interviewer can help savvy candidates overcome red flags on their resumes.

What CEOs Look For: 5 Things to Ace the Interview

Rather than laundry listing their accomplishments, candidates need to focus on what they can contribute to the job ahead.

The Best Career Advice Almost No One Takes

How to turn a smartphone into a secret career-improving weapon.

The 5 People Who Will Never Get a Raise

How you ask is even more important than what you ask for.

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