Talking about their generation

Being able to determine what makes a graduate the right “fit” for the role, team and organisation is vital if your graduate programme is to succeed.

And yet, it is one of the most overlooked aspects of many graduate recruitment programmes.

Why employers need to think and act differently

In the war for talent, getting graduate recruitment wrong can be costly.

From quality candidates dropping out at application stage; to high turnover post-hire, organisations are under pressure as never before to find and retain the right talent, and to do so quickly and cost-effectively.

Yet many employers have misperceptions about graduates that are seriously hampering their ability to attract the right ones.

In our whitepaper Talking About Their Generation, we identify what these are and debunk the myths that are holding organisations back. We also explore the priorities and perceptions employers have - and what they should do to identify, attract and retain the right graduate talent before their competitors do.

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