Korn Ferry queried its executive search consultants to assemble a list of the 15 most in demand C-level positions for 2015.

According to the firm’s expert search consultants, the top five most in-demand executive positions for 2015, spanning all industries, are as follows: Chief Commercial (Revenue) Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Cyber Security Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer. The complete list and analysis can be found by downloading “Korn Ferry’s Top 15 for 2015 – The Most In-Demand C-Level Positions for The Year Ahead.”

To arrive at the list, Korn Ferry adhered to the following process:

  1. An initial list was populated by reviewing the volume of incoming search requests received by Korn Ferry from across the globe.
  2. Korn Ferry’s senior consultants conducted in-depth interviews with board-level executives, HR directors, and senior hiring managers to determine where clients anticipated the greatest need for C-level talent in the year ahead.

  3. Korn Ferry practice leaders culled the list to the top 15 C-level positions anticipated to have the greatest demand in 2015. Key in the qualitative analysis was consideration of a) fastest growing industries, and well as b) fast growing positions across industries.

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