A new US president brings in thousands of new lieutenants. The supply chain challenges of a new vaccination plan. Plus, the skills to learn in 2021. Here are some recent articles from Korn Ferry's content team on leadership-related news. 

The New Vaccine Rollout: Will It Work?

Our look—from a supply chain perspective—at President Biden’s “unprecedented” vaccination plan.

The Inauguration Ends. The Onboarding Begins.

How the thousands of new US officials who are starting their jobs now have the same mission as their corporate counterparts.

Too Sick to Come In

Nearly 2 million US workers are calling in sick thanks to the pandemic. Will companies still be able to get their work done?

5 Skills to Develop Right Now

Experts say the most important career move in 2021 may be expanding these competencies.

Realize, Visualize, Actualize

Millions of us are in a pandemic-inspired daze. Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison reveals how we can work our way out of it.

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