Why are cyberattacks such a big problem today when there are plenty of tools to defend against them? What can George Washington and Paul Revere teach modern leaders? Plus, what's on the resume that Korn Ferry's CEO says is the best one he's seen in 20 years? All that and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferrys This Week in Leadership. Happy July 4th!

The Founding Fathers’ Surprising Skill Sets

George Washington employing a non-hierarchal approach, Paul Revere finding collaboration, and other ways our Founding Fathers learned to lead.

Long Live the Walkman

The Walkman debuted 40 years ago this week, kicking off a revolution in music that no one could have anticipated.

A Battle-Ready Problem in Cyber

Lieutenant General (ret.) Bill Mayville explains one critical factor organizations are missing in their defense against cyberattacks.

A Truly Amazing Resume

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison wrote a book titled Lose the Resume…so it took a lot to impress him.

Books for the Poolside

Our summer reading list mixes pleasure (reading) and business (work lessons).

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