The job-market implications of the college admissions cheating scandal. Brexit's ongoing limbo. Plus, why everyone should stop asking, "How are you?" All that and more in the latest edition of This Week in Leadership.

College Pedigree: Does it Matter?

Why the college admissions cheating scandal may resonate differently in today’s fast-shifting job environment.

The Amazon Effect ... on Tax Breaks

The retailer may not be alone in facing mounting opposition to tax breaks like the ones it saw in New York. How to deal with the new environment.

The Never-Ending ‘Crisis’

Brexit drama drags on. How smart leadership and a positive culture can help organizations through even the longest of uncertainties.

Bedside Manners

A doctor uses video chat to tell a patient he’s dying. Is it a wake-up call for healthcare firms betting on tech?

Stop Asking, ‘How Are You?’

Seven better ways to have a meaningful conversation and make yourself more interesting, according to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

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