Job sharing makes its way into the C-suite and a new wrinkle for retail leaders this Black Friday. Plus, why some entrepreneurs are betting on wine from Scandinavia. All that and more in the Thanksgiving week edition of Korn Ferry's this Week in Leadership.

Black Friday Goes Digital ... and Physical

Why more and more brands that started as digital-only are rushing to open physical locations, particularly in malls.

Dynamic Duos to the Rescue

Job sharing, once usually found in the lower levels of a firm, is making its way into top management.

Merlot from Malmö

A surge in Nordic wine says nearly as much about Scandinavian leadership as about climate change.

Faked Out

A new generation of doctored news stories, photos, and videos is emerging. How leaders are dealing with the influx of easy-to-make and surprisingly effective “deepfakes.”

Avoiding Purpose-Washing

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman highlights the difference between a good ad campaign and authentically embracing purpose.

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