New Director Snapshot

A look at who boards are adding to their ranks.

For the past five years, the Korn Ferry Market Cap 100 (KFMC100) has tracked extensive demographic and professional data on the boards of directors of the largest companies in the US. See what the new class of directors looks like in this story told in graphics.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AMONG NEWLY ADDED DIRECTORS – Financial expertise still biggest draw followed by same-industry experience.


CEO EXPERIENCE AMONG NEWLY ADDED DIRECTORS – Nearly two-thirds of new directors are or were CEOs.


GOVERNANCE EXPERIENCE – More than one-fifth of new directors are serving on their first board.


AGE OF DIRECTORS – More than a quarter of new directors are under age 54.


NUMBER OF BOARDS SERVED AMONG DIRECTORS – Only 28% of new directors serve on one board compared with 46% a year ago.


GENDER BALANCE – 29% of new directors are women – only one percentage point higher than in 2011.