Sneak Preview: Just In

5-Year Top-Line Takeaways from the Korn Ferry Market Cap100 (KFMC100):

Boards are seeking more experienced directors and more women, paying them more, and meeting more frequently:

Previous Board Experience: 78% of directors had previous board experience in 2015 vs. 58% in the Class of 2011.

Women: 60% of boards had at least 3 women in 2015 vs. 37% in 2012.*

Compensation: 69% of directors received cash compensation of at least $75,001 in 2015 vs. 54% in 2011.

Meeting frequency: 62% of boards had 8 or more board meetings in 2015 vs. 49% in 2011.

Stay tuned for the complete KFMC100, focusing on the enhanced role of the lead director, by the end of 2016.

*Data for women unavailable until 2012