Changing World of Work

Cornhill, London October 1, 2020


The world of work is changing. Employees no longer want a job for life, but that’s okay because very few organisations can offer it. By 2025, 75% of the working population will only have ever known life in a digital world. People are more focused on the here and now and value a working environment that supports personal growth.

So, what can organisations do to make themselves stand out in this increasingly competitive landscape and ensure they don’t get left behind? As Tolkien suggests, making a conscious choice to offer your people a great experience during the time they are with you is a great place to start.

Join us to explore the employee lifecycle with a fresh perspective and take a deeper dive into what employees are looking for in 2020 and delve into the following topics:

Giving people a reason to work for your organisation

  • Understanding what people want
  • Designing roles in an inclusive way

Keeping them engaged

  • Understanding what drives and motivates people
  • Development for the many not just for the few
  • Flexing the deal

Making them feel special

  • Recognising what reward means in today’s working world
  • Transitioning from traditional to tailored reward

Life beyond your organisation

  • Make it count – the experience you leave them with

We will be extending the session to present KornFerry’s digital capability which gives HR leaders direct access to our proprietary data, insights, and analytics through an integrated platform; helping drive organizational performance through one enterprise-wide talent framework.

Please note that the Reward 2020 Forum agenda with speaker bios will be circulated in a couple of weeks.

We hope to welcome you at our event!

DATE: October, 2020

TIME: 9.00am - 4.00pm

VENUE: Banking Hall 14, Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND, United Kingdom

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