Korn Ferry 360 Assessments and Feedback Services for The Canadian Federal Public Sector

Korn Ferry is offering its premier assessment and feedback services to Canadian public sector and broad public sector leaders, executives and aspiring executives. Our assessment regime is customizable, available in French and English and data can be benchmarked against approximately 60,000 other leaders.


Many factors impact a leader’s effectiveness. Skills, leadership competencies, personal attributes and technical knowledge all contribute to, sustain or hinder a leader’s performance.

Korn Ferry's assessment regime focuses on the diagnostic of 3 key elements to be considered when establishing a leader’s capability:

  • the individual’s leadership competencies
  • the breadth of leadership styles available to him or her, and
  • the impact the leader has on the team as measured by the climate he or she created for the team

Measured together, competencies, styles and climate provide a very comprehensive diagnosis of an individual’s strengths or opportunities for development; they also allow the identification of very specific and immediate actions that can be taken to capitalize on one’s strengths or improve the leader’s effectiveness, as well as the team’s performance.

Assessment/coaching services provided:

  • Administration of online 360° and upward assessment surveys - administered on Canadian servers;
  • Registration of participants, registration of respondents by participant made directly on the Korn Ferry Survey site, email invitations to respondents, monitoring of survey returns, 1-800 hotline/inbox;
  • Assessment reports produced in the preferred language of each participant;
  • Coaching feedback and development action planning by a senior consultant.

The assessment regime focuses on the following 3 elements:

  • 1. Competencies - Participants’ mastery of leadership competencies, as well as other key elements such as growth factors and possible derailers are assessed using Korn Ferry’s Public Sector Executive Competency 360° Assessment Survey™ (assessing Treasury Board Secretariat’s Key Leadership Competencies – used under permission) or Korn Ferry’s Public Sector Managerial Competency 360° Assessment Survey™, as appropriate. These surveys are completed by a participant’s peers, direct reports, managers, client/customers and any other respondents. The participant also completes a self-assessment.
  • 2. Leadership styles- Participants’ breadth of leadership styles available to him or her is obtained via Korn Ferry’s Inventory of Leadership Styles™. This is an upward assessment process; only the participant’s direct reports complete the survey. The participant also completes a self-assessment.
  • 3. Climate created by the leader– The work climate created by a leader for his or her team is assessed via Korn Ferry’s Organizational Climate Survey™. This is an upward assessment process; only the participant’s direct reports complete the survey. The participant also completes a self-assessment.

Target audience: Canadian federal public sector and broad public sector employees.

Dates: On-going (public enrollment).

Registration fee: $4,600 CAD + HST (fee may vary based on assessment regime and service selected). Payment made by credit card upon registration.

Language (both service and survey): French and English.

To register

To register and begin the assessment process, please contact Nicole Gregoire at nicole.gregoire@kornferry.com. Participants will receive a registration form/contract to sign and return. Once received, within a few days, we will send the participant an email with instructions on how to access our secure website, select and register his or her respondents and complete their own surveys. All communications with participants and respondents are bilingual.

For additional information

Please contact Nicole Gregoire at +1.613.288.7986 or email nicole.gregoire@kornferry.com

Note: Additional services/instruments available upon request. Group Composite reports available upon request for groups of 5 or more participants.

CANADA SCHEDULE (On-going (public enrollment)




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