Identifying a future leader from your early talent involves assessing a candidate's drive and ambition, aptitude and attitude. In this webinar, we will discuss how developing a better understanding of the millennial generation involves focusing in on their individual values and motivations.

We will draw on research findings that highlights these motivations. Being able to get “under the skin” of what makes early talent tick helps organizations adapt their strategies for engagement and development.

Join us as we explore the winning formula for identifying and developing early talent in today’s fast paced world. You’ll also discover:

  • How to identify what a future leader looks like for your organization.
  • How to close the gap between what the millennial generation want and what they are getting from work.
  • How to develop and engage early talent to be your leaders of the future.

Presenters: Melody Moore, Senior Talent Relationship Manager

Melody combines her psychological expertise and management experience to help clients become high performing organisations. She helps them get the best from their staff, resulting in a happier, more motivated and productive workforce.

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