The issue of gender-based pay inequity seems to be seldom out of the news; it affects businesses in many countries, not just those (like the UK, Germany and the US) that are introducing new reporting requirements around gender and pay. At a time when we can see the price of the talent crunch coming our way how you create an even playing field for half the world’s population is a vital topic for progressive organisations over the world to consider.

In a panel discussion hosted by Mark Quinn and Claire Field we will explore though case studies and discussion what causes pay disparity, the case for change, and practical steps you can take to even the playing field.

Join our fourth session of The Changing Face of Rewards in EMEA webinar series on Thursday, October 4th at 13.00 - 14.00 CEST,  to discover:

  • The difference between gender pay gap and equal pay
  • Steps to take to eliminate inequity in your pay processes
  • Progressive approaches to eliminating gender pay disparity

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