Ten commandments for CIOs: Technology leadership imperatives for turbulent times

How do companies survive dramatic economic turbulences?

How do companies survive dramatic economic turbulences? And how do technology leaders brace themselves for such rough seas—particularly on a journey to unknown shores?

Technology strategist Jeff Sampler has gained widespread recognition among Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for his presentations and lectures on “10 Commandments For Competing in Turbulent Times.” It’s certainly understandable why this concept would resonate with CIOs, whose entire domain of expertise is reinvented every few years.

Inspired by Sampler’s thinking, Korn/Ferry International took these questions about leading through periods of such change directly to twenty-three senior IT executives from multiple sectors. The following "10 Commandments" reflect the crucial skills and approaches CIOs need to solve complex problems, manage internal customers, drive business results, lead innovation, and develop IT leadership talent—including their own.

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