Detecting derailers: Recognize the warning signs before high-potential leaders or new hires go off track

The risk of failure due to certain career derailers shows up in assessments that look for negative traits, under or overused competencies, culture fit, & other factors.

The derailment of a high-potential leader is an unaffordable waste: the direct and indirect cost of just one failed senior executive reaches into the millions. The business is left in the lurch, and the individual suffers a professional setback from which it may be difficult to recover.

Korn Ferry research has found that more than 25% of those designated as high-potential leaders are actually at high risk to derail because of shortcomings or mismatches of competencies, traits, drivers or experiences. But using the four dimensions of leadership and talent model, organizations can identify specific reasons that person might derail before it happens. With such early detection careers—and businesses—can stay on track.


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