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It became a shocking ending parade of some of the biggest and legendary CEOs of our time. Names like Immelt, Drexler, Rosenfeld, and Schultz left, as corporate America began what may well be a redefining of what the corner office holder should look like—and do. Below, our “Essentials” list highlighting some of the skills and tools these executives—or those who aspire to be in that role—that stakeholders are demanding.

Three Ways to Cool the Conflict

Having robust discussions about differing viewpoints—and still maintaining the relationship—feeds both healthy innovation and the collaborative work common in today’s workplace.

The Troubling Rise of “Me-dership”

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says some leaders believe that their role is to be in charge and issue marching orders. They couldn’t be more wrong.

What Makes a Great Leader? Master These 8 Imperatives

Embracing new experiences, optimizing stress, learning from others. This paper highlights both the “visible” and “invisible” traits leaders in any field can systematically adopt to better manage teams, think strategically, and inspire others.

Mission Impossible: The New Age of Ambiguity Starring the CEO

With all the disruptions and uncertainty in today’s word, is the core mission of a CEO still possible? Korn Ferry went straight to a dozen CEOs and chairpersons around the world for answers.

2030: The Very Human Future of Work

No, robots aren’t going to take all the jobs. In fact, the evidence suggests we’re indispensable, even in the boardroom. Find out why.

The Industry Most Ready for the Future Is...

The new Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index finds a surprising sector leader.

GE’s Biggest Challenge: The Culture Play

Although the headlines around any major company shift, including GE’s, usually centers on assets, experts say that focusing on culture is an oft-overlooked yet critical element.


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