Leaders for the digital age

Korn Ferry research identifies the unique characteristics of high performing digital leaders.

With the world now facing a business paradigm of a magnitude perhaps never seen before, there is an urgent need for organizations to dismantle outworn structures and transform into flexible networks designed to act with agility and speed.

This is about much more than simply refocusing the business model; this requires culture change on a grand scale. Today’s organizations are predominantly built around fi t-for-purpose structures, designed to execute efficiently and deliver predictable results. But in a volatile and ambiguous environment, these strengths can become weaknesses. Fit-for-purpose is no longer good enough. Organizations and leaders need to become fit-for-future instead.

At Korn Ferry, we describe this transformation as a journey towards digital sustainability. To become fully digitally sustainable, an organization needs to dismantle their complex, matrixed structures and embed the ability to continuously adapt and change within their DNA.

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