Sitting over lunch at a deli one day, we hashed out an idea for a book on how to get a job—not the usual advice that everybody spouts off, but what it really takes. All of us could name countless people who are well intentioned, but absolutely clueless. These people need the tough love and unvarnished truth that no one—not spouses, partners, mentors, or anyone else—will tell them.

We loved the idea and immediately sought to test it out. In that moment, our waiter came over to take our order. Instead, we explained the concept and showed him three possible titles we’d just sketched out on the back of the specials-of-the day card. “Lose the Resume—that says it all,” he agreed, then went off to get our drinks.

A short while later—after his boss chewed him out over clearing multiple tables, while balancing orders for what seemed like half the restaurant—our overworked waiter returned. He leaned in and whispered, “When can I get this book? I’m looking for a new job.”

This book is dedicated to all the hard-working waiters, office workers, sales associates, nurses, teachers, consultants, managers and other professionals who hate their boss, whose talents are underused, and who feel unappreciated in what they do—but are still motivated to make a difference.

There’s hope.