Showcasing Your “ACT”

From the first outreach to your network contacts or an initial conversation with a recruiter, through the interview process, and into the start of your new job and beyond, you must always showcase your “ACT”—that is, being authentic, making a connection, and giving people a taste of who you are.

This simple acronym should be your guide in every phase of the job-search process and throughout your career. It’s always about how you “ACT”:

Your ACT means:

  • Authentic: Truthfully presenting yourself, your experiences, and your background. People need to be able to trust what you say, particularly about yourself.
  • Connection: Forging a positive, emotional connection with others. Be genuinely interested in other people, their opinions and perspectives.
  • Taste: Giving people a “taste” of who you are, what you do, and the contribution you can make. When hiring managers interview you, for example, they’re asking themselves: “Can I work with this person? How will this person contribute to and interact with my team?”

In any situation—whether you’re interviewing for a job, meeting the CEO of your firm for the first time, or coaching the summer intern who’s been assigned to your team—never lose your ACT. It truly is the key to a successful life and career!