This Week in Leadership (Apr 8 - Apr 14)

Why tech leaders want to have IPOs now, plus the one trait you do not want to showcase during a job interview.

Why is a social media network having an IPO now, when the tech industry is under fire? What will happen to the UK jobs market when the minimum wage rises? Plus, why should corporate bosses expect to pay their accountants more money soon. All that and more in the latest edition of This Week in Leadeship. 

Pinterest Pitches Its ‘Safe’ Social Network

The firm expands on its plans for an IPO as other social media sites face tough times. Why now?

Going Up

The UK minimum wage is rising, creating yet more challenges for leaders as the global push for a “living wage” continues.

April 15th: Tax Day for You. Payday for Them.

Tax law changes have raised the importance of corporate accountants. How the pay of these tax pros stacks up.

Pumping the Brakes

Auto sales in the United States are projected to slow to their lowest in nearly five years. Can the industry steer itself to a new peak?

The Biggest Red Flag in Job Interviews

This one trait, and actions associated with it, screams “Don’t hire me” to every hiring manager, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.