This Week in Leadership

Getting acquisitions right and China's latest agile feat, plus the hidden headache the stock market rally causes board directors.

The impact of all the recent healthcare M&A. The leadership dilemma caused by a major stock market rally. Plus, how emotional intelligence saved an Antarctic expedition. Read Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

Healthcare’s Merger Mania: Our Diagnosis         

CVS. Ascension. UnitedHealthcare. A trifecta of recent deals will force an industry to align a whole new set of goals.

The $100 Trillion Stock Market  

Worldwide, equities are about to pass a huge milestone, but how do you evaluate CEOs when everyone’s stock is soaring?

Getting Acquisitions Right          

With mergers at a record high, former CEO Robert Nardelli offer key insights on corporate integrations.

China's Latest Agile Feat: Insurance Via Text       

Remember the friendly agent who knocked on doors? Korn Ferry’s Michael Distefano takes a look at China’s 21st-century bid to get into this sector.

Great Leadership...Even in Failure          

Emotional intelligence helped Ernest Shackleton save his crew in Antarctica and can help leaders out of their own tough spots, says Daniel Goleman.