This Week in Leadership

What do firms do when their iconic boss leaves? Has sexusal harassment training at work fallen behind the times? What can be done when executives don't trust one another? Answers to those and more in Korn Ferry's latest take on recent events. 

The Steve Jobs of Coffee

Departing chair Howard Schultz built Starbucks’ empire. How does any firm move forward after losing its iconic leader?

Is It 'Time's Up' for Your Harassment Training?  

Seven in ten companies have it, but critics say this key form of prevention hasn’t changed much in decades.

Negotiating Chaos at the G7 or Anywhere Else

When tensions are high, leaders must make building trust the only priority.  

The Trick to Being 'Organizationally Aware'

The best managers develop an uncanny knack for reading relationships and following their firms’ unspoken rules, says best-selling author Daniel Goleman.

A New Job: The Critical Warning Signs

Watch out for bummer colleagues, a bad boss, and free lunch if you have a new gig, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

In Spain, Italy: Surviving a Void

Two European countries faced turmoil when their leaders departed. How organizations can avoid the same headaches.