This Week in Leadership (Oct 8 - Oct 14)

Why economists are worried about a global downturn. Plus, what to do in the first seven seconds of a job interview.

Economic red flags. Lower taxes, but no raises. The seven-second job interview. All that and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership.

Raising a Red Flag on Growth

Despite great economic data, warnings about a global downturn are heating up. How leaders should prepare for selective adjustments.

The Tax-Plan ‘Boost’ Employees Never Saw

Nearly nine in 10 US firms won’t use tax reform funds for raises, a new Korn Ferry survey finds. But training and development programs will get funded.

Walmart, TV Producer?

It already sells stuff like Amazon—now the big retailer wants to produce media programming like its archrival, too.

The Future’s Only Certainty

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman explains why success in the marketplace will increasingly rely on emotional intelligence.

The First Seven Seconds: Make Them Count

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains the importance of split-second judgements in interviews.