This Week in Leadership

Apple's foray into healthcare and the benefits of adding one woman to a corporate board. Plus, how the controversy surrounding the national anthem highlights the difficulty satisfying both employees and customers.

Patriotism as a leadership strategy. Apple’s foray into healthcare. Plus, the benefits of mentoring…for the mentor. Read Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

Should an Apple a Day Keep Doctors Away?

How healthcare leaders are reacting to the tech giant’s stated but little-noticed intent to move into their industry.

Human Capital in the Age of Cost-Cutting

The retail and consumer industries are zeroing in on zero-based budgeting. But does it leave room for employee innovation?

The Patriotism Formula

The NFL anthem controversy is a reminder of how leaders must navigate their employee and customer bases closely.

Is Mentoring Really Worth It?

Emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman says coaching by managers may actually grow... the managers. 

What Can Adding One Woman Do?

At banks, both male and female managers feel more engaged when there’s at least one woman on the board, according to a new Korn Ferry white paper.