15 Totally Effective Ways to Run Big Virtual Meetings

Korn Ferry’s Ilene Gochman on much-needed upgrades to virtual meetings that today’s times require.

The coronavirus is causing many organizations to cancel their offsites, seminars, or other group get-togethers, and now leaders everywhere are struggling with how to structure and facilitate virtual alternatives. There’s no getting around it: virtual meetings with lots of attendees take more design and real-time adjustment than having a group get together in person. Ilene Gochman, Korn Ferry’s global head of assessment and succession solutions, offers several techniques that focus on the important details. 

Thanks to my colleagues Dennis Baltzley, Wendy Beecham, Janet Feldman, Mathias Kesting,  Brigitte Morel-Curran, Deb Nunes, and Susan Snyder for sharing these great ideas.