Zeroing in on fit

Use of a hiring assessment can identify top job applicants much more effectively than human judgment, dramatically reducing employee turnover.



Futurestep assessment identifies applicants who are six times more likely to pass screening.

The boom in online job application tools has made recruiting employees more complex. Services like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and others provide the technology to find potential applicants, but now companies are flooded with resumes—many of which come from unqualified or unsuitable candidates. Hiring decisions based on human judgment alone are less effective than a coin toss—a dismal situation considering the flood of applications.

Futurestep, an industry leader in recruiting process outsourcing (RPO), can efficiently identify the applicants who are the best fit for a job by using a Korn Ferry Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent assessment for RPO. The assessment is unique in the breadth of what it measures:

  • Competencies. Observable skills and behaviors required for success.
  • Experiences. Assignments and roles that have prepared a person for future opportunities.
  • Traits. Natural aptitudes and tendencies, including personality.
  • Drivers. Values and interests that influence a person’s career path and motivation.

In a pilot study, researchers found that when using this assessment Futurestep was able to identify the top applicants—those who were six times more likely to pass through hiring screening.

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