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The Readiness Linchpin: Closing the gap between potential and ready-to-promote

Too often, when a pivotal job opens up, organizations look toward their talent bench, and it appears somehow … shorter than expected. There might be people suited up, but few who are truly ready to get into the game.

The problem is that organizations overlook readiness—the crucial stage between high-potential identification and actual promotion. While high-potential programs pinpoint talent that will bloom with time, a “ready” candidate has already grown into the bigger role by acquiring the experiences and competencies required.

Readiness, like potential, can be measured through a combination of interviews and assessments including high-stakes leadership simulations. Simulations, in particular, are a reliable way to surface any shortcomings before putting someone into a mission-critical job. 

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  • Joy Hazucha

    Former Global Vice President, Korn Ferry Institute

  • Claudia Hill

    Global Lead for High-Potential Leadership Development

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    Senior Vice President, Korn Ferry Institute

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