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The Essentials: The Gender Pay Gap

March to Equality: For International Women’s Day, Korn Ferry compiled some of its key articles findings on gender diversity and developing women leaders.

Six in 10 organizations recently surveyed by Korn Ferry say they are addressing gender pay issues, and another 17% say they plan to do so in the next year or so. But it’s not because of some altruistic streak.

“The reason the best performing organizations are finally doing something about it, rather than paying lip service to diversity and simply ticking boxes on pay equity compliance, is because it makes business sense to do that,” says Tom McMullen, a Korn Ferry senior client partner and a leader in the firm's Rewards and Benefits Solutions practice.

In some parts of the world, governments have forced the issue with new policies. In other places, private groups are taking the lead. Read the latest insights on this complex issue and listen to Korn Ferry’s recent webinar about what gender pay solutions can work…and what won’t.

Asking About Salary History? That’s History

New York City’s recent ban on salary questions may spur changes to job interviews nationwide.

Gender Pay Is Having Its Day in the UK

High-profile discrepancies in the salaries and pensions of men and women highlight the complexity of the pay gap issue.

Has Iceland Cracked the Equal Pay Code?

The tiny country’s new law requires equal pay, but leaders everywhere will need to push a lot farther to close the gap.

New Zealand, the New Champion of Equal Pay

Half a world away from Iceland, the nation embarks on an ambitious goal to eliminate salary differences.

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