Human Potential. Activated.

Introducing the Korn Ferry ACI Model.

In the past, the world of work has been viewed as separate and distinct from the world of people. But today, work is increasingly defined in terms of human characteristics and people closely identifying with the work they feel empowered to perform. As a result, organizations are starting to connect their strategy to their people. Yet, to do so, they need to understand the implication for the types of people they will need and how to go about meeting that goal.

In this context, a new language is needed to enable a more fluid, dynamic economy.

Korn Ferry developed the Korn Ferry ACI Model as this new language for talent and work. The KF ACI Model helps reframe what it takes to maximize performance, power transformation, and drive results. It’s built on three intertwined dimensions: Accountability (the “what”), Capability (the “how”), and Identity (the “who” and the “why”).

The research underpinning the ACI Model ensure these three dimensions connect seamlessly at the individual and collective levels—and show what success looks like in any given context.

As a result, the KF ACI Model is an innovative, effective, and scalable framework for organizing and integrating the world of work and the world of people. It helps structure and shape how organizations will reach their objectives, and activates people’s potential and performance to succeed in this hyperchanging, hyperdemanding economy.

In other words: the ACI Model is a new paradigm for powering potential.

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