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About The Book

About The Book
The Leadership Journey

In The Leadership Journey: How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader, Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison charts a course for discovering and developing the skills needed for becoming a great leader. Good leaders excel at the left-brain, technical side of leadership and know the frameworks, theories, and decision-making models. As Burnison explains, what separates good from great leaders is the right-side brain of leadership skills, the ability to inspire others. Grounded in real-world experiences and drawing on advice from noted leaders, The Leadership Journey explores the four essential (and often overlooked) elements that continue to make executives the kind of leaders their organizations need.

The Leadership Journey is organized around four critical areas of being a great leader:

Look in the Mirror — Starting with the ability to know and lead yourself

Embody Purpose — Embracing and embodying the purpose that is the True North of the leadership journey

Don’t Walk Alone — Understanding that leadership is all about other people; without followership there is no leadership

Navigate Beyond the Horizon — Anticipating what is around the next bend—and navigating in the moment to course correct in real time.

These four critical areas are what all savvy leaders must master on their leadership journeys.

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