This Week in Leadership

Can private leaders build public infrastructure successfully? What does it say about an organization that goes through four leaders in 18 months? Plus, how are the leaders of Dubai trying to make its residents "happy." Read about those and more in Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

The Missing 'Ingredient' in Job Hunting

In his just-released book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job, Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says a simple three-letter acronym may be one of the keys to the right job—and the right career.

Public Project, Private Leaders

The administration’s new infrastructure plan encourages public-private partnerships. But can the private sector make that work?

When the Boss Gets Replaced… and Replaced, and Replaced

A pro-Brexit party votes this week on whether to keep its leader, its fourth in 18 months. Is this a case study of an organization losing its purpose?

The Real Reason Why Women Are Succeeding

Let’s stop thinking successful women leaders were given an extra boost, says Korn Ferry’s J. Evelyn Orr. Studies show they just worked a lot harder.

The Key to Collaboration Is… 

The greater the emotional intelligence of the leader, the better the team performance, Daniel Goleman says.

C'mon On, Get Happy

Dubai’s political leaders have set a goal of making it “the happiest city on Earth.” The effort is surprisingly serious.



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